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We collaborated with the “Sonido” call centre back in December 2020 when processing 100 of our client’s leads – we were able to reach out to all of them and arrange meetings. We were pleasantly surprised to see 30% of all calls result in meetings which was exactly the desired aim we set for our collaboration. The work we entrusted their team with was of high quality and punctual and we see these as preconditions for future collaborations. The feedback we received on the “Sonido” team member Ieva who was the one directly reaching out to our clients was wonderful – she is a true professional in her field. Our communication with Egita Neško was always pleasant and cooperative.

We are very satisfied with this successful collaboration and we suggest other businesses collaborate with the “Sonido” call centre and put their effective services to great use.

Ivars Juškēvics

Training Lab

The team at “Sonido” helps clients around the world solve various issues via e-mail, chat and calls.

“Sonido” is a trustworthy and understanding partner! Their team of professionals learns fast, is flexible, and is capable of addressing a wide range of challenges.

If you wish to acquire a considerate, passionate and diligent team that will be an excellent addition to your business, we suggest “Sonido”! They are brilliant at what they do!

Dita Bogdāne


“SOS Children's Villages Latvia” is highly satisfied with the collaboration and recommends “Sonido” to others. Employees at “Sonido” Ltd. truly invest themselves when doing calls for the company and put their hearts into their work, making sure that each conversation is welcoming and generous. You will find collaborating with “Sonido” mutually beneficial and also meaningful since by working with them you support the “Let’s talk?” social initiative.

Zane Šmite

SOS Children's Villages

On a daily basis, we notice that the “Sonido” team is curious to learn and understand everything that concerns our business in order to assist our clients faster and more precisely. Their employees are deeply empathetic and patient, will take initiative to try out and observe our services in real-life situations in order to gain an ever-deeper understanding of them.

One of the factors when choosing “Sonido” was our shared values with respect to our internal relationships with our first-hand clients, meaning – our own employees. The “Sonido” team is strong in their unity and friendliness, their care for each other, and their social business status only further confirms this.

We are convinced that our company is not utilizing all the potential “Sonido” has to offer, but we are certainly happy with our partnership and would recommend other businesses give it a try!

Inese Reipa