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Loneliness can affect even the seemingly happiest person, and it often hits suddenly and unexpectedly. Loneliness is like a stone that weighs you down and becomes heavier and heavier until it crushes everything that used to bring you joy. When the burden becomes too heavy to bear, you can find support in others – in someone to talk to.
Providing an opportunity to have a conversation, to be heard and not feel alone is the goal of the “Let’s talk!” social initiative. Those working for the project are united in their goal to support and hear out everyone who needs a conversation with a fellow human being.

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About the project

Today, when the demand for socially responsible services with added value is growing „Sonido” have taken a logical step towards the longevity and growth of society by creating the “Let’s talk!” social project.

During their time working at “Sonido”, the current “Let’s talk!” representatives observed that callers quite often reach out to the helpline not to receive information but to talk to someone, feel heard and understood. This inspired them to create an opportunity to have a conversation open to anyone in need to be listened to and assured that each call is important.

A conversation is a simple form of communication that is essential in the face of hardship. It is the most effective way to express your issues, reach a state of emotional wellbeing and find companionship, which in turn will improve your physical wellbeing.
Our team has been able to create a strong support network by bringing together people
endowed with excellent communication skills and, of course, empathy. The project was created by “Sonido” and co-funded by the state-owned development finance institution “Altum”.


The “Let’s talk!” call centre employs experienced and warm-hearted individuals who are united in their genuine desire to support those in need to be heard.

The team is fully dedicated and believes that the way you choose to live every day can put you on a path to a happier life. This belief has been inspired by their own experiences which, although not necessarily the most joyous, have helped them become more considerate and empathic towards others. The core of the team are people with special needs who are not only skilled but also enthusiastic to listen to others, hear and accept them and understand what each of the callers is going through.

The ”Let’s talk!” call centre has brought together very different and highly experienced people all joined by an aspiration to support those in need for a conversation where the things they share are seen as valuable and unique.

Inga Muižniece “Sonido” Ltd. board member and creator of “Let’s talk!”

Social responsibility

It starts with small things that are incredibly important in contributing significantly to the development of society.

Social responsibility starts with small things that are incredibly important in contributing significantly to the development of society. Nonetheless, there are still small and midsize businesses that wish to be socially responsible yet see no opportunities to do so. By joining forces with the „Sonido” call centre, any company has a chance to receive a service with added social value and become a part of a socially responsible project, – a significant share of “Sonido” profits goes towards supporting the “Let’s talk!” project. The call centre’s own intention is to work towards a society that is healthier and more united while collaborating with anyone who wishes to participate in creating such a society.

How can I contribute to the further development of the project and help people around me?

All proceeds from the “Let’s talk!” souvenir shop goes towards the social project.