We take responsibility, support and deliver

Our goal

To ensure accessibility to our client’s businesses 24/7.

Our vision

To be the first choice call centre providing world-class service in Latvia.

Our values

Our values are the internal compass that we follow on our way to achieving our vision. Our values help us stay focused on our goals and keep in mind that “Sonido” is an innovative and inclusive, people-oriented social business that provides added value to our clients. Projects, partnerships, relationships between coworkers and clients are on a daily basis assessed according to our values, therefore we make sure our values are always practically applied.

We take responsibility

We take interest in the success of our employees and clients, and as a business, we always take responsibility for our actions and words concerning our workers and partners, in our internal and external communication and in the larger context.

We support

Human beings and their different needs are at the centre of our attention and we do our best to understand them in order to provide the most suitable solutions that work both for our employees and our clients.

Our team, equipped with a variety of life experiences and skills, is our key to success, and we want to make sure that our business remains the first choice of employment for our employees. We share and learn from our own personal and professional lives as a team.

We deliver

We help our clients to solve complicated situations and simplify their daily operations. We are accessible, open and deliver a reliable high-quality service.