Our philosophy determines the operations at “Sanido” and provides the guidelines and basic principles we follow in our work relationships and partnerships. The “Sonido” philosophy helps us create responsible and ethical long-term relationships with our clients and employees. Everyone at “Sonido” is obliged to observe the content of this document and it pertains to all our employees and board members.

Questions to yourself:

  • Does my behavior match the “Sonido” team’s goals, visions, and values?
  • Would my actions and behaviors be perceived as appropriate by a client, colleague, or my superiors?
  • Are my actions in any way harmful to the “Sonido” brand?
  • Am I willing to question the practices I find inappropriate, and can I accept that others apply the same criticism towards me?


We are aware that our actions affect everything around us. Therefore, we see it as our duty to actively participate in preserving our environment.

“Sonido” takes steps daily to save electricity, water, heating, and fuel; we have transitioned into a paperless office, and we recycle various materials as much as possible.

With our routine actions and attitude we strive to contribute to sustainable development and support the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Goal 1: end poverty – being a social workplace integration business “Sonido” provides job opportunities to vulnerable groups that would otherwise struggle with employment and self-sustainability.
  • Goal 3: ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all of all ages – “Sonido” provides work opportunities to people from various groups of society, promotes emotional wellbeing by filling people with a sense of worth and belonging.
  • Goal 5: gender equality and women’s empowerment – “Sonido” provides equal opportunities to all genders, independent of their age, religion, or sexual orientation. Women hold high-level executive positions in the company, and gender balance is observed across the board.
  • Goal 8: promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all – “Sonido” ensures an inclusive work environment with equal opportunities to earn a living in a humane workplace with a supportive team and leadership.

We participate in the development of society by engaging not only with commercial projects but also non-governmental organizations, for example, by collaborating with the “Stay Home” initiative our company supports volunteer movements. “Sonido” is also a member of the NGO “Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia” (SEAL) and actively participates in improving the business environment to promote social entrepreneurship opportunities in Latvia and Europe. We do not support any political parties with donations – instead, we take part in grass-roots activities and openly express our opinions on societal issues important to us.


Work with clients

The most important task of a call center is forming and maintaining trustworthy relationships with its clients. We have perfected our internal rules and procedures with regards to our clients;  every team member knows their responsibilities in various situations.

Our clients are our priority, and we set out to understand each client’s specific needs in order to provide them with an excellent service. We are continuously striving to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. To ensure that, our team has all the necessary information about the clients they are working with.

We always reserve the right not to enter into a partnership if the client’s values don’t match with ours. We discuss our potential partnerships in detail in our weekly executive meetings.

Our clients’ opinions are important to us with regards to the quality of the service provided, and our range of services. Complaints, constructive criticism, and suggestions for improvement are welcome not only from our clients but also from our employees who are invited to inform their superiors should any issues arise. Any complaints and suggestions must be addressed immediately and professionally.


Clients entrust us with their information, and we honor that trust by observing our Confidentiality of Information guidelines. Our employees are informed about the importance of confidentiality, client’s non-disclosable information, and personal data protection.

Media presence

We all represent our companies and are perceived as representatives of organizations we work in, therefore everyone in our team ought to communicate messages that are in line with “Sonido” values and our public communication in general. Any individual may provide commentary on certain issues in public media within their competence provided that it is discussed with the head of the company beforehand.

Our work with suppliers, other business partners, and competitors

We perceive competition in a healthy way and, although we always strive to be better than our competitors, we never engage in unethical or illegal business practices. We do not collaborate with individuals or businesses that we believe might harm the reputation of our business.


Human beings and their different needs are at the center of our attention and we try to understand them as best as possible so we can provide suitable solutions.

We ensure equality and respect for all our employees. We ensure an inclusive work environment where our employees can feel respected and valued and where our team is diverse in terms of gender, age, and skill levels. We condemn any type of discrimination irrespective of the reason – the individual’s ethnicity or nationality, gender, skin color, faith, religious background, age, disability, legal or family status, or sexual orientation. These values are equally important to us in our relationships with clients and among colleagues.


A healthy environment is an important precondition to the well-being of our employees. We ensure access to such an environment to all our employees, including people with various disabilities:

Environmental accessibility

Upon starting their employment, a person may visit and assess the accessibility in our offices accompanied by the CEO (or another team member), thus ensuring an opportunity to understand and feel out their surroundings and workspace. The height of the desks and chairs is adjustable to the individual needs of each worker, the offices have no doorsteps, and the bathrooms are appropriately equipped.

If an employee requires a service dog to be present, the dog will be provided with a dedicated space; the necessary training and education with regards to proper conduct around the service dog will be provided to other team members.

Work with a computer

If the job description includes working with a computer, software, keyboard and mouse can be adjusted by consulting each individual about their specific disability needs and requirements.
Employees with vision disabilities may benefit from the various free-access licensed software options for businesses, thus avoiding any additional costs.

Work without a computer

The environment has to be physically comfortable and accessible and in the first days of employment common steps have to be taken to diagnose any potential obstacles, especially in the cases of vision disabilities, that may cause harm to the person, for instance, steps, sharp corners, loose objects, etc. By identifying such obstacles, should they turn out impossible to remove entirely, they can be noted in the specific employee’s accessibility map. Special attention must be paid to job safety instructions and the instructor must make sure every employee understands and is able to comply with the rules without causing risk to themselves or others.


Since there are various types of vision impairments, depending on each specific case, it is important to provide adequate light intensity for each workspace. The lighting requirements of employees with vision impairments are considered and respected.

Work gatherings

When organizing work events – parties, trips, training sessions, etc. – it is crucial to talk to the employees about the activities of each event to consider how to adapt certain activities to their needs, what to do when such adjustments are not available, and plan for each event accordingly. There are certain activities where it is not possible to provide accessibility, therefore, engaging in a considerate conversation with the employee may help avoid a situation where other team members are prevented from attending said activities.

Life-work balance

“Sonido” encourages work-life balance in order to prevent stress-associated issues. For several years already, the company has been ensuring an online work environment and the ability to create individual work schedules.

Employees are welcome to bring their children to work, there is a play corner, toys, swings, and children’s literature available at the office.

Interpersonal relationships

In our team, everyone is valued and respected. Even in life’s difficult moments, “Sonido” reacts appropriately and strives to approach the employee tactfully and provide assistance, for instance, if an employee is struggling with addiction, family, or health issues. In the hardest of times, the company will not turn their back on you, but instead will offer you a day off, a consultation with a specialist, or simply a supportive conversation maintaining discreetness.


“Sonido” philosophy is publicly available to any employee and client at www.sonido.lv. In addition, the heads of each department always make our philosophy known to all recently hired employees and remind it to our existing team. It is part of the training process. Should any questions arise, an employee addresses their superior, and heads of departments discuss all questions and issues in the weekly meetings or, should it be necessary, forward relevant information to the CEO.