The call centre ensures 24/7 access to our client’s business

We are an innovative social business that offers employment opportunities to people from socially marginalised and risk groups and provides an excellent service aimed at meeting our client’s needs.

Incoming call service

The most requested service at the “Sonido” call centre is responding to incoming calls. It includes virtual secretaries of various profiles, such as feedback, complaints departments and customer support.

Incoming paid 1189 calls

Businesses who wish to charge the end-user for specific inquiries would choose this premium rate call service.

International customer service

This service provides operators with a high level of technical English skills. It will be a great match for businesses whose main activity involves communications with clients on an international scale, for instance, 24/7 hotlines or online chat services with low wait times (98 % of requests responded within 11 seconds)

Outgoing call service

This range of services will be suitable for businesses that wish to receive feedback from their clients and conduct customer satisfaction survey calls. This service has been the choice of organizations like “SOS Children’s Villages Latvia” and “Neste”.


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Skilled professionals in their field will ensure that your business can be reached at any time of the day in various languages.

The call service has built a team of experts qualified in various areas which many of “Sonido” clients – both the existing and potential ones – find to be an important prerequisite for a successful collaboration.

We have been working with “Sonido” since February 2020. Our collaboration has been solid and of excellent quality. “Sonido” ensures that our incoming calls are received and processed and that the information reaches the appropriate representatives at “Hagberg”. The calls are serviced in Latvian, Russian and English, which makes our company accessible to a wider audience. They also help us ensure 24/7 customer service availability. We highly recommend SIA “Sonido” to other businesses. Our customers encounter only polite and knowledgeable employees who are able to adapt to the specific needs in our field of work and the customers’ needs and requirements. In today’s hectic environment, we believe the speed and quality of customer service are crucial – “Sonido” certainly fits the profile of an effective high-quality service provider and is a partner pleasant to work with.

Aija Freija SIA "Hagberg" Ltd. Marketing Director