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Remarkable customer service begins with a Hello

In addition to making customer service a truly remarkable social interaction experience, we also passionately believe in e-mail marketing, phone and e-mail surveying, data input, SMS broadcast, and telling the unique story of your company to your customers through customer service.


We possess a highly skilled team force, which enables us to provide effective training and invest greatly in each of our team players.
Our goal is to make customer service a great, personal, effective and a positive experience.

One Reach Solutions

Master Typing Skills

Dedicated to precision, we will carry out your daily e-mail and data input tasks.

We will send marketing e-mails, SMS messages, targeted campaigns and do much more for your customers. Our detailed reports help you and us to keep improving.

We have made our name by delivering some of the most personal customer service experiences.

Our team loves seeing businesses improve their workflow and customer satisfaction with 5 star customer service, and build strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers. We provide services that empower your business to grow.

Customer Care with ♥

The art and science of direct-response customer care lies within strategically delivered words that get people to take some form of action, even if it is as little as to reply to your offer e-mail.

A great reason to choose an outsourced Customer Care service is that an outsourced CS team will dedicate all attention to your customers, so you can focus more on your work.

We are here to take care of your requests, breaching the expected response time! Oh, did we mention that we are here for your customers 24/7?

* Our Average First Reply Time in December, 2015

Feedback Analysis
 and Statistics

Surveys and Researches

Virtual Assistant

and Support

E-mail and SMS


Other heroic deeds we do

Inbound and

Outbound calls

Team Coaching and


Live Chat,

Help Desk

Data Input and Digitalization

aka here's how else we can use our virtuoso

approach to maximise your business processes

After Sonido attracted new customers for us, our orders amount grew by 12%. Their advice to select the right target audiences, has diversified and increased our customer base.

Sonido is a company with a different perspective in customer care. Their attitude towards our clients is top notch. Their care have improved our finances.


~ Faraons

~ GPS Latvija

Our clients' experience

24/7 customer service has enabled us to achieve 2 hours of average response time when the industry standard is 27 hours.

Sonido resolved our problems by attracting new customers. We received more than expected from the service quality which resulted in more customers for us.

They treat our problems as their own and take part in resolving them.

~ Oss Networks

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